Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need a Mapping

Long time with no update. Basically, since about 2 weeks after moving to the US, I have not been wearing my CI. The last mapping was just way too loud. Even the softest of sounds sound like loud collisions.

The good news is that my hearing in my right ear, assisted by a hearing aid, has been sufficient for me to work and get by. My hearing has gotten stronger and much clearer since going deaf for the 4th time nearly a year ago. (you can read about that on this blog)

Still, I have almost no distance with my hearing, and my CI was fantastic for that. Still need to train my brain to hear more clearly with the CI, but I haven't been wearing it. Sad.

I found a clinic in Baton Rouge that might be able to map my Opus 2. If not, I will look for one in New Orleans.

That is all for now.