Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Hearing Aid- Unitron Max 6

I got my new hearing aid on Friday.

First impressions:

  • My audiologist Beth Muller is just plain awesome for more reasons that I can post here. She is great.
  • The sound is louder than what I had before and I don’t feel like I am straining to hear something.
  • The balance with the cochlear implant is much better. My CI doesn’t overpower the aid like it did before.
  • There is a harmonica sound when there are loud sounds. I am not sure the reason for this yet. When I whistle, for example, it sounds like a chord instead of a pure whistle. I do not like this.
  • Overall, I am hearing better and I am not sending out feedback whistling from my hearing aid all the time.
  • Very Satisfied! (I am sure we can fix the harmonica sound with an adjustment)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Still Training my Ear

A few months ago, I had my speech processer remapped. The last one I had gotten before leaving Brazil was not a good one for me, the impulses were too strong and it was uncomfortable to wear the CI even after trying for weeks. I’d given up wearing it for a few months, as my natural hearing had strengthened to the point that I could get by.

Now I am wearing it, but not turning it on all the time. I sometimes turn it off to hear from my right ear better, and forget to turn it on. The mapping is much better, but I took a few steps back from not wearing it for a few months. I am just getting back to hearing speech with great concentration using my CI.

I am trying to balance my hearing and use both the hearing aid and CI, but the CI usually overpowers the hearing aid.

I will also get a new hearing aid in a few weeks, a unitron max 6. It is a very, very strong hearing aid. I am pretty much at the upper limit of sound amplification, but at least I won’t have to wear my aid on full power all the time. This will reduce the feedback and squealing I get from my current aid.

Sorry for the long delay between updates.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I need a Mapping

Long time with no update. Basically, since about 2 weeks after moving to the US, I have not been wearing my CI. The last mapping was just way too loud. Even the softest of sounds sound like loud collisions.

The good news is that my hearing in my right ear, assisted by a hearing aid, has been sufficient for me to work and get by. My hearing has gotten stronger and much clearer since going deaf for the 4th time nearly a year ago. (you can read about that on this blog)

Still, I have almost no distance with my hearing, and my CI was fantastic for that. Still need to train my brain to hear more clearly with the CI, but I haven't been wearing it. Sad.

I found a clinic in Baton Rouge that might be able to map my Opus 2. If not, I will look for one in New Orleans.

That is all for now.