Thursday, April 12, 2012

Program 3, Map 4

Cochlear Implant (Left Ear)

My mappings are progressive. I get one every so often and then I spend a few weeks on each program 1-4 then get a new mapping. Yesterday was the day to switch to program three. I am hearing more, and more far-away things. I am also starting to finally pick up a word or two spoken by a person I am not looking at.

Today when I put gas in the car, I paid with my card. The attendant gave me the little recipt to sign and I was looking down at it when I heard clearly the words "Por favor." (please).

I am sure he was just saying "sign this please." This was the first time I picked up on a word or two that I was not trying to hear. It felt good. It was a little mechanical and donald duck, which made me smile. So, after nearly half a year, I finally made it to donald duck. Hopefully I'll be hearing lots of talking ducks in the coming weeks.

Right Ear (Recently deafened, but returning slowly)

My hearing is faint and even with the hearing aid the cochlear implant hearing overpowers it. This was the case before I went deaf too. When my implant is off, and my hearing aid turned on full. I can understand some words spoken loudly to my ear. There is still some shakiness to the sound. To me my voice sounds just like Barack Obama, deep and full, no matter what I do. My wife said it sounds more like Mike Tyson when I try to hear the difference by speaking higher.

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