Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deafened Ear Update

In January I went suddenly deaf in my only functioning ear. My cochlear implant had just been activated in my other ear. Since I have always been deaf on that side, the implant has taken time to become useful. I am nearly to the point of understanding speech, but not yet. So, these past 4 months have been deaf months for me.

Over the last several weeks, my hearing had been  improving in my deafened ear to the point where I could listen to something played loudly over headphones and understand well. But, two weeks ago, I went deaf again. Again, suddenly.

Now, I can hear whistling again in the deafened ear. It looks like it is going to try to come back again. I really, really hope it does, successfully.

My next cochlear implant mapping is next week, and I will post an update on this blog.

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