Thursday, July 12, 2012

20 out of 30 correct hearing responses

I am on program three of map five.

In yesterday’s visit to the audiologist, I was given a list of 30 sentences. I read them aloud one by one, then returned the list. My audiologist covered her face with a screen, so I couldn’t read her lips. She then randomly read the sentences. I was able to hear and repeat correctly 20 sentences on the first try.

Of the 10 that I couldn’t do immediately, I needed one word repeated one time for three of the sentences. I needed the sentence repeated one time for 5 sentences. I needed two sentences repeated more than once.

Recovery is ever so slow, but perfectly consistent.

More Phone Calls

In the last couple of weeks I’ve made more phone calls using skype and either a usb phone receiver or headphones and a microphone. I’ve been able to have several conversations. I struggle and do not understand without a good bit of repeating, but I do it.

It makes me happy to talk on the phone.

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