Thursday, December 15, 2011

Visit to the Audiologist

I went to see my audiologist today. I confessed to using the new program setting less than I should, because of the noise level. I told her about playing the keyboard and hearing the lower octaves and the higher ones being noise. I told her about crinkling paper being louder than speech. I asked if we could reduce the high pitched sounds and increase the low pitched ones.

She said that my experience with sound is compatible with my last audiogram and that she would not adjust my program, nor let me move on to the next one on my remote. She explained that the higher frequencies sound loud because my brain doesn’t really know what to do with the stimulation. We practiced two syllable words and I learned some new exercises for training my ear and brain. I felt much better after understanding why stuff is so loud.

It was a good meeting. I am progressing.

Now, I wonder if I can hear a dog whistle. I am looking for a pet store tomorrow.

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