Sunday, March 18, 2012

Breakthroughs: I think I figured it out.

I call it a breakthrough in my hearing anytime I notice something that I had not noticed before. They happen infrequently, but consistently. I am almost always less enthusiastic the day after a breakthrough. I thought it was just the natural low after a high, or unrealistic expectations, but not any more.

When I have a breakthrough with my cochlear implant hearing, it is because something changed. I always notice the benefits first, and the drawbacks the next day. If a certain sound becomes clearer, another sound becomes annoying to me. It’s a dance.

I’ve had a few breakthroughs recently. I had not written about them, but I need to, so I will now.

  • I can listen to an mp3 of someone talking, and depending on the voice, understand 2/3 of it. That is up from a word here or a word there.
  • If I am talking face to face with someone, I get it all. As long as I am looking at the person’s face.
  • I can identify from the other room, which song from my son’s Thomas & Friends DVD is playing. (The song doesn’t sound right, or even good, but I know which one it is.)
  • I can hear from a much greater distance than before. Part of my problem identifying sounds has been not considering things out of sight.
  • My non-implanted ear’s hearing is returning to the point that I can understand some sentences when my eyes are closed.
  • With some hearing in each ear, I can now identify who is speaking when in a crowded room… sometimes.
  • I can understand a good bit of the sermon at church, now, and can follow the train of thought. (I can not look away to read the bible verses, though. I get lost.)

In all, things continue to improve and I am grateful.

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  1. thats so great the things people take for granted great blog hope to hear more breakthroughs x