Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spent the day without CI and HA

Sunday, I took my family to a barbecue with the families of my wife’s company and others with whom she works. I’d put my hearing aid and cochlear implant batteries in my son’s backpack. When when we were just arriving, I heard the warning that the CI battery was out of charge. When I went to get my son’s backpack, I saw that we had taken the other one with us. Oops.

Well, I spent the day not wearing either my hearing aid or implant processor. I just read lips and that was that. I did such a good job of it, that some people didn’t know I was deaf until the end of the day, when I was talking about it. Others, thought my hearing had come back and I didn’t need to use the implant.

It feels good to know that even when I am limited, I don’t have to stay sitting around by my self.

As far as the recovery. Still making slow progress.

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