Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cochlear implant hearing is not as simple as on and off.

Every day I hear something a little clearer. I feel myself sliding into comprehension. I can catch things here and there, that I couldn’t before. The background noises have more life.

That said. It is so slow coming. I’ve been wearing a cochlear implant since November of last year. This past month has been the best, yet, with respect to understanding and appreciating things. I just can’t pick a day and say, “that’s when I started hearing well again.” That day hasn’t come yet, but I don’t think it ever will. One day, I will just notice I am hearing and functioning. It won’t be a milestone, it will just be another day.


In other news, my deafened ear hearing is now stronger than it was when I was redeafened in April. Still improving daily.

God works in amazing and strange ways. He does wonderful things.

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