Friday, June 1, 2012

Installed the Car Stereo

Last year, my wife gave me a car stereo for Father's day. After a few months, there was a short in the wire and it burnt a fuse. When I went deaf, I just didn't worry about fixing it anymore.

My hearing has improved a great deal since my last mapping and since losing my hearing again in April. It has improved so much that I realized it was time to get the stereo installed. It doesn't play CDs, but it does play mp3s from a memory card.

  • I can hear and enjoy some songs that I know well.
  • I can follow some songs, but not really appreciate them.
  • I can't understand some songs at all, especially new ones.
  • I can hear and understand speaking if it is loud and the environment is quiet. (If the car is parked in a quiet place, but not if I am driving.)
  • All of this makes me very happy.

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