Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is my Implant, a MED-EL Sonata


The World's Most Sophisticated Implant
with Titanium Housing

SONATA Cochlear Implant

The thin, small-volume SONATA is the most advanced titanium implant available. The I100 electronics platform supports both FineHearing and Complete Cochlear Coverage, two technologies which help users to enjoy greater sound clarity and detail. These technologies are especially important for music enjoyment and listening in difficult situations.

The energy-efficient SONATA is also extremely durable. With an over 99% reliability rating, the SONATA delivers peace of mind along with future readiness. SONATA is embedded with additional capabilities that are currently untapped. The capabilities are designed to be utilized in conjunction with future software or audio processor upgrades. This makes SONATA the ideal implant choice for both today and the future.

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