Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The post title does not refer to pressure in my ears. I have felt that from time to time. For that the doctor prescribes Betaserc. No, the pressure from the title is two-fold.

I really want my hearing to improve quickly. The process is steady, but always feels slow. This month, I’ve been hearing a lot of noise. Too much, actually. I think when I set my maximum loudness comfort level, I went too far. I went from no hearing to a lot of hearing and it felt so good, that I may not have accurately set the levels. Everything is too loud and too noisy.

I’ve had to turn the CI off from time to time to give my hearing and my head a rest. I get frustrated and feel like I am not contributing enough to my hearing rehab and turn it on again. Pressure. Pressure to hear, to succeed.

Well, today I had a setback. I put on an audio book and hooked up my CI to listen to it and follow along with the text. I couldn’t. I even couldn’t follow a sentence to the end. What was wrong? Everything was just noisy. No clarity.

Pressure. That was the problem. We had some meat in the pressure cooker and it was steaming and making all kinds of noise. I didn’t recognize the sound with the implant. It’s one of those higher pitched noises that drowns everything else out.

I’ll try again at bedtime… no pressure.

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