Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hearing Progress

My hearing is improving steadily. I wish I could pinpoint a time when I will be hearing well again, functioning normally, using the telephone, and listening to music. My best guess is April.

Quick Cochlear Implant Update

My comprehension of sound continues to get better with my CI. My next mapping is scheduled for Tuesday. I expect that the volume will be increased a bit and the clarity to improve. It will be a three month mapping, so I hope it is a good one.

Two Words, One for Each Ear

My right ear hearing made a big jump on Thursday. So much so, that I was hearing peoples voices with just my hearing aid. It’s all weird sounding and hard to make out, but I did an experiment.

I closed my eyes and asked Loaise, my wife, to say one name or another. I turned off my implant and listened and responded. I got it right!

I then turned off my hearing aid and my implant on. Eyes still closed, I listened and responded. I got that one right too!

So, I heard and understood a word with only my cochlear implant, and with only my hearing aid.

By the way, this was the first word I heard since going deaf on January 20th. I am ahead of schedule on getting my hearing back, when compared to my deafness in 2008.


  1. That's really encouraging! Especially a word or name in isolation, with no visual to help you. Hope your next mapping brings more improvement.

    We just got word that Tate is officially approved to be implanted. Just waiting on a surgery date.

    Julie G

    1. I will read your blog to get the updates on Tate. I will be praying for him and for your family.

      My next mapping is today. I will probably post about it tomorrow.