Friday, February 3, 2012

I *Think* I Hear

Right Ear

I wear my hearing aid in my deafened ear for a few hours each day. When I get alone somewhere, I try screaming as loud as I can and whistling as well. With my cochlear implant off, I concentrate on what I might be registering with my aided ear.

I think I am picking up a very faint sound with the whistling. With my voice, I am not sure if it is me hearing something or just imagining that I am. I should have another hearing test next week. I’ll post the result here.


Left Ear

With the cochlear implant, I am noticing changes in the way things sound. I don’t notice them daily, but weekly. Some things are starting to sound “right.” A lot of the abstract sounds are taking their places in the sound environment and I can, at least, find the source of sounds more easily.

My next mapping will be at the end of February, so my volume will be stuck at only hearing things over 60db for a while. The clarity should continue to improve and this will be greatly beneficial.


Spiritual Ear

I want to hear what God the LORD says, because he promises peace to his people, to his godly ones. But they must not go back to their stupidity.  Indeed, his salvation is near those who fear him, and his glory will remain in our land.  --Psalm 85:8-9

The other night, I was praying. My prayer was basically this, “Lord, I don’t really care if I never hear another word in this world. I want to hear, but the one I really want to hear is you. Give me strong spiritual ears, so that I can hear your voice and do your will, and live for you.”


  1. Thank you so much for posting in such detail about your progress with your implant. 30 years with no hearing, and you're making headway!

    We are considering implanting our 13-year-old son. He has a progressive loss. Still aided in his right ear, but has had no hearing in his left for almost six years. I'm feeling more hopeful now.

    Praying for wisdom,

    Julie G

  2. Thanks for reading and replying Julie. I will pray for your wisdom for your son.

    I have a friend who was just implanted. She is 8. She will be activated in a few weeks. She's never heard before, except for impact sounds like bangs and bumps. Read a little of her story on She is Mr S's daughter.