Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Days In

Today is Wednesday. I have my next meeting with the audiologists tomorrow. I am excited about it for two reasons.

One, I find all of this fun and fascinating. This time, I will bring my son Nilson and let him enjoy it too.

Two, I (even though my wife protested) took my remote and played around with the settings. I put the processor on program #4, which is supposed to be for the forth week. I let it go for a little while, and with the volume on maximum. Now, maximum is actually pretty low, because of the way it was set at my first mapping, but it is much higher than the setting for program #1. The higher setting meant I was getting stimulation from a lot of sounds, so I was hearing lots of clicks. They were little, hard to hear clicks, but they were there. I also noticed that the feeling of the sound did not bother me much at all, unlike the first day. I really hope with the new mapping, I can get the power up a bit and see what else there is to hear.

I also need to get the permission of the audiologist to mess around with the controller more, so my wife won’t complain. (She loves me and does not want me to mess anything up.)

As a side note, I still have pain in my left temple area when I open my  mouth wide. The doctor said to put a hot water bottle there from time to time and it will go away. I have yet to put a hot water bottle there. It is on today’s shopping list.

Did anyone watch any of the videos? You can comment on them in the comments section. I’ll post some more this coming weekend. An introduction of Dr Evandro and video of the second mapping.

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