Friday, November 25, 2011


A Thanksgiving Day post, a day late.

Today I am thankful to God. He gave me life and called me to new life. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for forgiving me of my sins and securing the resurrection.

I am thankful for Dr Evandro Ribeiro de Oliveira, who performed my cochlear implant surgery, and all those who work at his clinic.

I am thankful for Rita, my audiologist who works at Dr Evandro’s clinic. She encouraged me to get the surgery.

I am thankful for Sonya who helped us through the nightmare of scheduling and scheduling changes the surgery

I am thankful for Vanessa, who did my first mapping and has guided me through the first few weeks of hearing rehab.

I am thankful to Brazil and SUS (One Health System) for providing the implant and surgery free of cost, for me and hundreds of others who needed it.

I am thankful for my wife Loaise who has been a daily encouragement and help. She has cleaned my wounds, washed my hair, and listened to my complaints and loved me so wonderfully.

There are many others for whom I am thankful, but I wanted to list a few here.

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