Friday, November 18, 2011

Program 3

I met with my audiologist Vanessa today. She set my CI processor to program 3, which will be the setting for the week. She told me I can adjust the volume as much as I like, but not to change the program setting.

What I learned today is that the settings are not progressively stronger or louder, but strategically different. Even the electrodes that are switched off (3 of them) are on, one at a time, throughout these settings.

Today I listened to the drum, the bell and the rattle again, with my eyes closed and with my hearing aid switched off. I was able to tell which was which. So, that is the first step to sound discrimination. I only knew which was which by looking and listening first, though, because they all sound like a cricket to me... just different crickets.

My second mapping will be in two weeks. This week I will spend a half an hour a day with my hearing aid off, so I can concentrate on hearing with the implant.

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