Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Little Post-surgery Ear Pain

I was scheduled to see Dr Evandro yesterday. I am glad I had the appointment set. I got an earache in my implanted ear. The surgery includes a cutting of the ear canal, but that part does not require stitches. It does need to be watch and, in my case, he did a little cleaning and cauterizing and packed it with gauze. I will leave the packing in until Wednesday. My ear felt better right away after the appointment.

I am noticing more sound in my left ear, but it is still like the sound of a cricket in the distance. I mistake it for ear-ringing most of the time. I also learned that 3 pairs of electrodes are not activated in my processor. The high pitch sounds bothered me the most during my mapping, so they wanted to wait until the second mapping to turn them on.

While waiting for the doctor in the clinic, I struck up a conversation with a 48-year-old man who just had his CI surgery 2 weeks ago. He was happy to hear about my experience up to this point. I talked with the doctor and the audiologists at the clinic and got permission to look into forming an association of implantees. There are over 50 who have received MED-EL implants in Juiz de Fora. This could be a good thing at thing at the right time.

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