Monday, November 21, 2011

Video Games for Hearing Stimulation

With my cochlear implant, I am still trying my best to hear and understand what I am hearing, and hear what I am expecting to hear. This led me to an idea. First, I directly connected my CI processor to the laptop with the earphone wire. (For safety purposes the computer was on battery power. No one should directly connect to something that is in an outlet. There could be a risk of shock.)

Second, I loaded a little "shoot the balls and make them pop" game that has a predictable popping sound whenever a color match is made. I turned the music to the game off, and left the sound effects on. So the only sound was when one collided with another: Pop!

I played this with my hearing aid off and the only sound going in directly through my CI processor. This was my best "hearing" experience, yet, with my cochlear implant.

My next experiment will be with non-impact sounds. When I figure it out, I will post.

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