Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Sound!

Yesterday, the way things worked out, we were not able to go home at the usual time. We were out until 8:30, so we decided to go to a local restaurant and order a Mexidão* for dinner. Once we arrived, we also decided to go in and eat there, instead of taking it home.

The restaurant is really just a covered area near a soccer field. The roof is metal. While we were waiting for our food, it started to rain. Not just rain, but a storm. The rain beat against the metal roof and I thought I was noticing something different.

I turned my hearing aid off and sure enough, I was hearing something. It was a humming sound. It was a “Fa” as in “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti Do.” That’s a pretty weird sound for rain on a tin roof. It is, however, the first non-cricket sound I have heard.

As you can imagine, I really enjoyed the rain.


* Mexidão is a popular Brazilian night time food. It is a mix of rice, beans, cracklins, sausage, beef, eggs and collard greens. Great stuff. Do a google search to see a picture.

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