Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Meeting Post Activation

Today’s meeting was a lot less than I expected. There was no second mapping today. That will come in three more weeks. I guess I misunderstood. I also did NOT get permission from my audiologist to mess around more with my controller. I was told to leave it alone or leave it with her. So… My wife was right.

Today, Vanessa, my audiologist put my processor on level two. She then had me turn my hearing aid off and close my eyes, she played a drum, a cymbal, a rattle and a few other things to see what I could hear. The answer was the same for all of them… a little cricket in the distance. The good news is, I heard them all, except the rattle.

She explained that even though I don’t feel like I am hearing these things, that my brain is learning how to hear with my left ear, and that takes time.

It all makes logical sense…. I just wish there was a way to speed up the process.

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